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Day Dreamer
19 August 1985
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*Bitter sweet kisses you lay on my lips*

*And I can still feel you as if you were in the room
Where did our story end
Where did it start
I buried you along with my heart*

*I'm limited...just look at me. I'm limited.*

*My eyes burn from these tears
You think you'd learn over these years*

You want to know about me?...It's just this
*I'm a complicated soul just trying to find some simplicity in this crazy world. Home's a wreck~School's a rollercoaster...yet through it all, I find that the only reason why I'm still here, still breathing, still trying, is because i have this feeling of hope...and the love i feel that won't seem to die no matter how much i wish it would (especially when the pain seems unbearable)...and my friends, they are the only ones who keep me alive
...you can call me crazy now...'cause it's probably true...