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Didn't see that one coming... - ...::I.Dream.So.That.I.May.Survive::...

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Time: 06-10-2008 13:57
I say: Didn't see that one coming...
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Where:My apartment
So I wake up today, write a written note to the Leasing Office asking to extend my lease for one more month (Thats another story that I don't care to get into because it angers me). I drop it off, go to work and start my usual checking of e-mail and master catalogs for Bookholders. So I went to search for a book in my problem pile. Now the warehouse of Bookholders has now 15 bookcases (14 rows each). Books are still scattered in piles from the semester rush (though it is MUCH smaller than it was 3 weeks ago)...and pieces of 2x4s and plywood are surrounding my problem pile and the shipping station. This is not unusual. Now usually, when building shelves, they keep the pieces of 2x4 with the galvanized screws already in them against the far wall so that it's not in the way and to reduce chances of injury. Well they must have missed one because on my way to the problem pile, I stepped on what I thought were plain 2x4s and my left foot goes down and then my right and something didn't feel right with my right foot. So by reaction to pain, I pulled my right foot up. But it was too late...jeez 15 minutes into work and I think I have to go home...The screw had gone clear through my Old Navy flip flops and went into my foot. The nail was still in the wood, but it had some piece of my flesh and blood. panicked and a little embarrassed, I limped to the bathroom, pulled my foot out of the flip flop and into the sink and began to wash it off with soap and water. I looked down at my flip flop and there was a puddle...of blood. You'd think it would make me nauseas but I was more in pain to even care. So I washed off my flip flop which was gross because there were chunks of me just coming off (I'm sorry if this has become to graphic for you readers). I compose myself and tell myself not to cry even though it hurt and went to my boss. And this is how it went:

Me: Hey anyone know how long tetanus shots are good for? I think my last one was in 2003...
Scott: Um, I don't know that it's for that long...
Me: Oh...well...Jason?...What would you say if I told you that a screw punctured my foot?
Jason: *wide eyed* Are you serious?...Where?
Me: Over there...*points in the direction of the nail-in-wood*
Jason: *walks over to the 2x4 with the nail in it*sees my blood and flesh* Um...yea...well it's a new nail...are you okay?
Me: It kind of hurts...
Jason: Do you need to see someone? Did you clean it off? Here take the peroxide and paper towels and a band-aid.

So I go clean it off again but with peroxide this time, and I call the Health Center to see if I can schedule an appointment. Dowell being dowell...they can't schedule me til 1:15pm. It's like 11:20 at this point and I got to work at 11am. On top of that, I asked how long tetanus shots were good for. They say 10 years. I am slightly relieved since I thought I got it in 2003 when I came to Towson. I was quickly corrected when the woman looks in my file and says the last tetanus shot on my record was in 1995. And it dawned on me that before I came to college, I had to get so many shots again that my doctor said that I could wait the 2 years to get my tetanus again (since back then it'd only been 8 years since my shot). So I call the Minute Clinic to see if they'd see me faster and be able to look at my foot. They say it's a walk in business so I should just come in. So I go back to my boss:

Me: Hey...Good News! Tetanus shots are good for 10 years!...Bad News...apparently my last one was not in 2003, but in 1995...so it's been 13 years.
Jason: *still wide eyed* Are you going to see someone? You probably should, right?
Me: Yes, I have an appointment at 1:15 but I can't wait that long so I'm going to the clinic.
Jason: Okay...let me know what happens...

So I go to the Minute Clinic at the CVS near my apartment...which was hard only because the area around the puncture wound was swelling and it's my driving foot. So I limp into CVS and talk to the Nurse. She tells me that she can give me the shot, but if I want a doctor to look at it she would prefer referring me to the Doctor's down Joppa Rd. So she gives me directions, I get back in my car and drive with music blasting to keep my mind off the fact that it hurts to push the gas and brake pedals. I get to Doctor's Express on Joppa...they look at my foot and tell me that a good amount of that screw must have gone into my foot based on the size of the swelling. They give me the shot and prescribe me antibiotics, give me a dose of Motrin and tell me that if I see any signs of infection or the pain gets worse, to come back. So I hobble back to my car, call Jason at work and tell him that I've been told to stay off my foot today...and that I can come to work tomorrow, but I have to stay seated. I drive to Walmart and by now my foot is really sore and they tell me it's a 45 minute wait. So I ride the escalator to find something to distract me...ended up buying 2 movies (that I don't have money for especially since I just spent $200 at Doctor's Express). I get my antibiotics and drive home. My arm is sore where they injected the tetanus shot, which they told me it would be sore and may swell so I should ice it (wtf...). The bottom of my right foot looks like it has a fat marble in it.

Awesome day...not really.
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You: sweetmal333
Time: 06-10-2008 19:50 (UTC)
I say: (no subject)
Aw ash I luv ya...feel better. At least u got a day off work, it may not really be worth the pain and expense but at least there is a plus somewhere in the pain.
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You: vibrainium
Time: 06-10-2008 21:38 (UTC)
I say: (no subject)
oh honey :(

:hugs tight:
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You: (Anonymous)
Time: 06-11-2008 23:29 (UTC)
I say: Dave S
Ur an American now, sue them blind.
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