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Time: 03-08-2007 19:33
I say: i should be doing work!
Specialties: Public
Where:my apt
So uh, let's see...an update. Oh mom's crazy as usual and we had yet another blow out. Wonderfee. Um I overdrew my bank account,...again. I don't know whether to go to a Conference for my job and be roomed with people I hate for a whole weekend, or spend a weekend with people I enjoy the company of and play with the cutest 3 year old I know. It really is a hard decision...I swear to you. After tomorrow...a weight should be lifted off my shoulders. I have 3 article reviews to finish by tonight, 3 online quizzes (that I have to get and 80% or higher on to get the credit), and study for an exam that I have at 10am. I told myself, I would not eat dinner until I at least finish the article reviews...Then I'll eat, then I'll read the chapters and do the online quizzes which SHOULD help me prepare for my exam (pending I get a good number of them correct) HA...great. But before I start all that workin...I'll do a survey...lol I saw it on Hope's and thought, hey why not!

337 Questions.

(1) The singular most boring question: what is your name?

(2) Are you happy with it?

(3) Are you named after anyone?
Not at all

(4) Are you ready for a long survey?
No, but it's a form of procrastination!

(5) Your screen name?
uh I got plenty...but I guess BabiGirlO3

(6) Would you name a child of yours after you?
Probably not

(7) Then what would you name your children?
I dunno...if it's a boy though, I want either his first or middle name to be Tristin

(8)If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be?
Matthew...that's what my parents said cuz I was "supposed" to be a boy

(9) If you could switch names with a friend, who would that be?
I dunno...I've had Ashley for so long, I don't think anything else would fit...

(10) Are there any mispronunciations/typos that people do with your name constantly?
well...technically the way my last name is said in Korean is different than how you hear it here in the states...but it's complicated to explain...

(11) Would you drop your last name if you became famous?

(12) Your gender:

(13) Straight/gay/bi?

(14) Single?

(15) Want to be?
Not really

(16) Your birth date?
August 19, 1985

(17) Your age?

(18) Age you act?

(19) Age you wish you were?
30 lol..cuz then I'd be done with school and possibly married with children...with a JOB!

(20) Your height?

(21) The color of your eyes?
dark brown

(22) Happy with it?

(23) The color of your hair?
dark brown...with hints or reddish tint from all the damage...lol

(24) Happy with it?
not really lol

(25) Left/right/ambidextrous?

(26) Your living arrangement?
2 bedroom apt with Erin

(27) Your family?
what about them...? oh they're all crazy mutherfuckers!

(28) Have any pets?
not here...but at home 2 dogs

(29) What's your job?
I'm a slaved office worker at Admissions for Towson, I'm an Orientation Leader, an Orientation Team Leader, and a Student Leader for the Office of New Student Programs at Towson...fun...lol

(30) Piercings?
1 in each earlobe

(31) Tattoos?

(32) Obsessions?
cookies, cute things lol

(33) Addictions?
shopping...(window shopping included)

(35) Do you speak another language?
Korean, but not fluently

(36) Have a favorite quote?
i got lots...lol

(37) Do you have a web page?


(38) Do you live in the moment?
not really...i should work on that

(39) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?
usually yes.

(40) Do you have any secrets?
who doesn't?

(41) Do you hate yourself?
hate is a strong word...but I don't always like myself

(42) Do you like your handwriting?
most of the time

(43) Do you have any bad habits?
i worry too much, i stress too much, i nag, i annoy...

(44) What is the compliment you get most from people?
...i don't know...

(45) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?
My Korean Drama hahaha...

(46) What's your biggest fear?
Drowning or being abandoned...oh and creepy crawly critters...I don't do bugs of ANY kind (yes butterflies too)

47) Can you sing?
a little

(48) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?
lol ah the persona...what a tricky tricky being

(49) Are you a loner?
I doubt it

(50) What are your number 1 priorities in life?
priorities? is there more than 1 number 1?...lol...Right now...school (tho i suck at that since i'm doing this rather than my work)

(51) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

(52) Are you a daredevil?

(53) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?
I'm afriad I won't make it out "alive"...in reference to my family...every year it gets a little harder to hold on to my sanity, every year a little more white hair, every year a little more sadness/anger

(54) Are you passive or aggressive?
somewhere in the middle...maybe more towards the passive side

(55) Have you got a journal?
uh this one

(56) What is your greatest strength and weakness?
strength- compassion
weakness- mother

(57) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
better self esteem, so that i believe in myself despite how she makes me feel

(58) There are three wells, love, beauty and creativity. You can only drink out of one. Which one would you drink of?
probably creativity...cuz I know I capable of love and I'm more than willing to find someone to love me back, beauty can be seen past physical appearances...so yea Creativity

(59) How do you vent?
when i'm forced to...or when i just can't take it anymore

(60) Do you think you are emotionally strong?
No...althought I try to be...bottling things up doesn't make you emotionally strong at all

(61) Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?

(62) Do you think life has been good so far?
It could be worse...but it could be way better

(63) What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?
I dunno yet

(64) What do you like the most about your body?
um,...i used to LOVE my hair...I guess I still do

(65) And least?
most of everything else...haha

(66) Do you think you are good looking?

(67) Are you confident?

(68) What is the fictional character you're most like?
Pucca...lol...everything she does, I do, but it's not all of who I am...

(69) Do people know how you feel?

(70) Are you perceived wrongly?


(71) Smoke?
no...i've tried, didn't like it...so i don't

(72) Do drugs?
tried, didn't like it...don't worry, it wasn't a HARD drug

(73) Read the newspaper?
does the Towerlight count?

(74) Pray?

(75) Go to church?
not anymore

(76) Talk to strangers who IM you?
no, they usually can't

(77) Sleep with stuffed animals?
they're on my bed

(78) Take walks in the rain?
not by choice, the rain seems to find me when I'm walking...

(79) Talk to people even though you hate them?
if i have to

(80) Drive?

(81) Like to drive fast?
not really, but i do sometimes without paying attention


(82) Liked your voice?
not really, it's too deep

(83) Hurt yourself?
physically? not on purpose...emotionally yes...it was a sacrifice i had to make

(84) Been out of the country?

(85) Eaten something that made other people sick?
probably not

(86) Had sex?

(87) Been unfaithful?
once and i regretted it immediately after...lol...drunken kisses are just not worth it

(88) Been in love?

(89) Done drugs?
technically yes

(90) Gone skinny dipping?

(91) Had a medical emergency?
uh not since my stitches on my forehead at age like 2

(92) Had a surgery?
on my tooth

(93) Ran away from home?

(94) Played strip poker?
lol yea

(95) Gotten beaten up?
by my sisters...lol

(96) Beaten someone up?
not for real

(97) Been picked on?
most of my life

(98) Been on stage?

(99) Been dancing?

(100) Slept outdoors?
not that i can recall

(101) Thought about suicide?
it's not something i would ever do

(102) Pulled an all-nighter?

(103) If yes, what is your record?
prolly like 2 days

(104) Gone one day without food?
yea far too often...when my stress level gets so high i just forget about everything

(105) Talked on the phone all night?

(106) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex first?

(107) Slept all day?

(108) Killed someone?

(109) Made out with a stranger?
sort of? he was an aquaintence, I'd met him once before that night

(110) Had sex with a stranger?

(111) Thought you're going crazy?
all the time

(112) Kissed the same sex?

(113) Done anything sexual with the same sex?
not really

(114) Been betrayed?

(115) Had a dream that came true?
yes...to a degree

(116) Broken the law?

(117) Met a famous person?
yea at concerts

(118) Masturbated?

(119) Masturbated with something other then your hand?

(120) Have you ever killed an animal by accident?
yes...i accidently ran over a squirrel my first day with my learners permit

(121) On purpose?
no! i was so upset when it happened

(122) Had sex?

(123) With more then 1 person?
at the same time? no....in general? no (impressive and/or sad...whichever way you see it)

(124) Threesome?
no...it's been discussed, but no

(125) ####?

(126) Whip cream?
it's good sometimes

(127) Bondage?

(128) Whipped/gotten whipped?

(129) Blindfolded?
when I was little for games like pin the tail on the donkey lol

(130) Tied someone up/been tied up?
yea my sisters tied me up in a chair when I was like 5

(131) Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?
i dunno

(132) Stolen anything?

(133) Been on radio/TV?

(134) Been in a mosh-pit?
not by choice

(135) Had a nervous breakdown?

(136) Considered religious vacation?

(137) Been criticized about your sexual performance?
no, he's too nice to do that to my face...lol

(138) Bungee jumped?
i want to

(139) Had a dream that kept coming back?
yes...it was awful...and heartbreaking


(140) Shoe brand?
I have a bunch

(141) Brand of clothing?
a good mix

(142) Cologne/perfume?
I have a lot...I worked at Sephora...come on...it's hard not to have perfume when you worked there

(143) What are you normally wearing to school/work?
whatever i'm comfortable in

(144) How about parties?
something more presentable

(145) Wear hats?

(146) Judge other people by their clothing?
lol not on purpose, sometimes it just comes out

(147) Wear make-up?
some days

(148) Favorite place to shop?
VS, Aero, Target lol

(149) Favorite article of clothing?
my black skirt from H&M (but i don't wear it often)

(150) Are you trendy?
not really

(151) Would you rather wear a uniform to school?


(152) Believe in life on other planets?

(153) Miracles?

(154) Astrology?
not really

(155) Magic?
not really

(156) God?

(157) Satan?

(158) Santa?
hahah cute no

(159) Ghosts?

(160) Luck?

(161) Love at first sight?

(162) Yin and Yang (that good can't exist without the bad)?

(163) Witches?

(164) Easter bunny?

(165) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?

(166) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

(167) Do you wish on stars?


(168) Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?

(169) Do you think God has a gender?

(170) Do you think that science counteracts religion?
sometimes, but i'm not a strong religious person

(171) Do you believe in organized religion?

(172) Where do you think we go when we die?
wherever we're buried...but our souls go elsewhere


(173) Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?
hell yes

(174) Who is your best friend?
Raincy, LJ, Mike

(175) Who's the one person that knows most about you?
i dunno...no one's stuck with me long enough to really know me...but I guess LJ and Raincy

(176) What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?
"It's your life, not hers...so do what makes you happy"...still gotta learn to follow that

(177) Your favorite inside joke?
too many to remember

(178) Thing you're picked on most about?
when I was little...i was teased for being "funny looking" cuz I was asian in a predominantly white area.

(179) Who's your longest known friend?
Andi LaPorte...was friends with her from like age 5 to about age 19

(180) Newest?
newest friend?...Melissa? lol...LJ wouldn't like this answer

(181) Shyest?
Rob C

(182) Funniest?
they're all funny in their own way

(183) Sweetest?
I dunno, they're all pretty nice

(184) Closest?
same as my best friends

(185) Weirdest?
all of them haha

(186) Smartest?
i dunno

(187) Ditziest?
most of us girls lol

(188) Friends you miss being close to the most?
Katy and Mike

(189) Last person you talked to online?

(190) Who do you talk to most online?
LJ, Melissa, Raincy

(191) Who are you on the phone with most?
no one really...

(192) Who do you trust most?
Raincy and LJ

(193) Who listens to your problems?
Raincy, mostly

(194) Who do you fight most with?
out of all my friends, I probably argue with LJ the most...lol...or Raincy...or mike

(195) Who's the nicest?
they're all nice

(196) Who's the most outgoing?

(197) Who's the best singer?
hahaha...i dunno, Haily

(198) Who's on your ####-list?
say what?

(199) Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?

(200) Who's your second family?
currently? probably LJs...I see them more than I see my own at this point

(201) Do you always feel understood?
not at all

(202) Who's the loudest friend?
some of the brothers

(203) Do you trust others easily?
not really

(204) Who do you have the most in common with?

(205) Name one person who's arms you feel safe in?

(206) Do your friends know you?
they all know me to a certain degree

(207) Friend that lives farthest away?
Kara and Mike


(208) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?
not really

(209) Do you remember your first love?

(210) Still love him/her?

(211) Do you consider love a mistake?

(212) What do you find romantic?
those moments in each others arms, looking into each other's eyes and just feeling good without having to say a single word

(213) Turn-on?
a sweet gesture

(214) Turn-off?

(215) First kiss?
Josh Wesley lol

(216) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?
um...nothing i guess

(217) Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going "blind"?

(218) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?
it is nowadays

(219) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?
who cares if you care about them?

(220) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?
sometimes~but what do college boys know? they like anything...lol

(221) What is best thing about the opposite sex?
lol obvious reasons...

(222) What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?
that they don't get us like they wish they did

(223) Do you read ####?
what is that?!

(224) Read the articles?

(225) Just the pics?
oh was #### supposed to be Porn?

(226) What's the best present someone gave you?
so far...my 3 heart diamond necklace from christmas

(227) Are you in love?

(228) Do you consider your significant other hot?

(229) What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guy/girl standing on the sidewalk?
Just keep walking


(230) Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender?

(231) If you did experience that for one day, what would you do?
experience things?

(232) What do you love most about the other gender?
i dunno...

(233) What do you dislike most?

(234) What do you understand least about the opposite sex?
how their brains work

(235) Honestly, what do you notice first in the opposite sex?
eyes, smile, hands


(236) What is your fave possession?
i dunno

(237) What physical, tangible possession do you want most?
a laptop

(238) How badly do you want it?
eh i just want it...but not badly

(239) Have you ever seen The Exorcist?

(240) How long did it take for you to understand why the last question is in this section?
not long


(241) That haunted you?
a boy...reoccuring dreams...sad times

(242) You wanted to kill?
no one

(243) That you laughed at?
probably Trudy

(244) That laughed at you?
Jamie or Tex

(245) That turned you on?

(246) You went shopping with?
LJ...i mean it was Best Buy...lol

(247) That broke your heart?

(248) That disappointed you?
I dunno

(249) That asked you out?
I dunno...possibly Greg for dinner after work...but not like in a romantic setting

(250) That made you cry?

(251) That brightened up your day?

(252) That you thought about?

(253 You saw a movie with?

(254) You talked to on the phone?

(255) You talked to through IM/ICQ?

(256) You saw?

(295) You lost?

(257) You went head over heels for?

(258) You thought was completely N-U-T-S?

(259) You wanted to be?
i should say me

(260) You told to #### off?
i dunno

(261) You trusted?
i still trust my friends

(262) You turned down?


(263) Smiled?

(264) Laughed?
when I was talking to LJ

(265) Cried?

(266) Bought something?
a couple days ago

(267) Danced?

(268) Were sarcastic?

(269) Kissed someone?

(270) Talked to an ex?
technically today...LJ was an ex once

(271) Watched your fave movie?
last night? i watched Love Actually...one of my favs

(272) Had a nightmare?
a couple months ago

(273) Talked on the phone?
today briefly

(274) Listened to the radio?

(275) Watched TV?
this morning

(276) Went out?
out where?...i mean i go out everyday for school lol

(277) Helped someone?
today...part of my job lol

(278) Were mean?
i dunno

(279) Sang?

(280) Saw a movie?
last night in my room

(281) Said "I love you"?
i dunno

(282) Missed someone?

(283) Fought with a family member?

(284) Fought with a friend?
probably Raincy

(285) Had a serious conversation?
sometime this week, I'm sure

(286) Smoked weed?

(287) Got drunk?

(288) Had sex?


(289) Last book you read:
i dunno

(290) Last movie you saw:
Music & Lyrics in theatres, Love Actually at my apt

(291) Last song you heard:
Way Back Into Love

(292) Last thing you had to drink:

(293) Last time you showered:
last night

(294) Last thing you ate:

(295) Last CD you bought:
Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High

(296) Last thing you bought:
stuff from Sephora for Melissa


(297) What are you going to do?
finish this survey

(298) Will it be with your significant other?

(299) Or some random person?

(300) What are you wearing right now?
aero track pants and a tshirt

(301) Body-part you're touching right now?
my head

(302) What are you worried about right now?
my exam tomorrow...sort of...i'm sort of apathetic lol

(303) What book are you reading?
i will be reading my Cognitive Psych textbook tonite

(304) What's on your mouse pad?
it's an "oriental rug" mousepad lol

(305) Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling?
annoyed, lazy, tired, hungry, bored

(306) Are you bored?

(307) Are you tired?

(308) Are you talking to anyone online?
not since like question 150

(309) Are you talking to anyone on the phone?

(310) Are you lonely or content?

(311) Are you listening to music?
not currently


(312) Do you laugh when you hear the number 69?
no, only when i feel goofy and we're in a large group and we're drunk

(313) Were you lying about your answer to the previous question?

(314) Do you actually know your social security number?

(315) Do you actually know your IP address?

(316) Do you know what an IP address is?

(317) Do you know the four-character extension on your zip-code?

(318) Have you ever thought there were too many numbers floating around in our lives?

(319) Does your head hurt when you think of infinity, imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, etc?

(320) What do you think of pi? 3.14?
i dunno

(321) Have you got a fave number?

(322) How many rings, before you answer the phone?
usually 2...but i can't tell with my cell phone cuz it just plays songs

(323) Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?
no lol~but i type fast

(324) How many CD's do you have?


(325) Mac or PC?

(326) How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer as long as it works?
sort of

(327) Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversations?
lol sometimes

(328) Do you find you're different talking more through IMs than face-to-face or telephone?
a little bit, i'm a little more connected on IMs because face to face confrontation usually startles me a bit...i get flustered and then i don't talk as well lol

(329) Have you ever ended bid on something on eBay and regretted it later?

(330) How much time do you spend online each week?
well my comp is online 24/7~so whenever i'm at my comp

(331) Is the internet one of the modern things you could never live without?

(332) Do you even receive snail mail letters anymore?

(333) Send any?

(334) What's your fave smiley?
the kissy face or the huge smiley with teeth

(335) If you could meet anyone in the world, living or not, who would it be?
my grandfathers

(336) Who is your idol?
don't really have one

(337) What band has the funniest name?
The Pink Spiders...guys dressed in tight clothes that are mostly pink...weird to me and i don't even like their music
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