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Time: 03-02-2007 17:03
I say: WTF MATE?!...rantings
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Okay so it's a bad start to the semester when I can't remember ANYTHING I'm supposed to do until it's almost too late. It's not like I don't write it down...I do, so technically I should be okay. But for some reason I still fall behind. Oh well...I went thru crapola the past 2 weeks. But the surprise test (surprise to me) I took last week...I ended up with a 86/90 so that's cool. But I had to run around 30min before class to purchase a standard cassette tape recorder, tapes, and batteries...had an awkward ass class...and work was such a drag. I forgot to sign up for OTL duties on time so I got the shitty spots.

But here's the kicker. I had a group presentation today in my Sexuality class on HPV Vaccine. My part of the project was to make a handout to give to the class. Of course I forget that I need to get it done and make like 35 copies of it by 3:30pm on Friday (today). Yesterday I had the most full day ever...I literally was nonstop moving/working from 9am. I came back from work and ran errands, and got to work on the outline. It turned out to be 4 pages including a crossword puzzle. I forgot Copies + on campus is closed on Fridays...so luckily Raincy was nice enough to tell me she'd let me into the place and copy it...FOR FREE...I love that girl so much. So I didn't finish it all til like 2:30am because the crossword was giving me so much trouble in the beginning (stupid online generators and their glitches)...I slept very little and woke up early to pick up raincy and take her to Copies + and the bought her breakfast and then drove her to work. I come back and nap cuz I was soooo tired and then I get woken up by the maintainence man who finally fixed my fucking bathroom light...took almost 2 hours. Fuckers will know better when I tell the FIRST time (when I moved in) that something is wrong with the wiring and not wait til like the 100th time I complain and by that time the lights no longer work. But now I have light in my bathroom and I can shower with lights on! Huzzah. So I showered....and then got ready for class and packed a little bit. Realized I was running late and ran to the health center to pick up additional information to give out on HPV and then went to the store to buy a report cover thing to bind all our papers together...I was like 5-10 minutes late to class...I run up to the door...and it's closed and there's a cancellation notice. Normally I'd be overjoyed...but given the shit I put myself thru...I WAS PISSED.

So I came back...called LJ to tell him class was cancelled and now I just have more time to pack up for the weekend. Back to MoCo, but not to my house...lol. Who knew that LJ's aunt lives 20 minutes from my house...weird. Gotta find something pretty to wrap Melissa's gift in...and Ebbie's. I love his family almost as much as I love mine. LoL. Sad I know...but you know me...I just love people. Haha.

Oh well...time to go. I'm annoyed but it's the weekend...2 hours earlier than expected. :D
IT'S FRIDAY...I'M IN LOVE...lol...my icon...not literally. lol
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