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minutes from bed - ...::I.Dream.So.That.I.May.Survive::...

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Time: 02-22-2007 1:25
I say: minutes from bed
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eh i was perrusing on livejournal and saw a survey...you know me, i can't pass up a survey...so even though it's missed some questions (cuz clearly someone along the way deleted them) i did it anyway...

1. Who is the last person you held hands with?: LJ

2. If you were drafted into a war, would you survive?: maybe...not in combat...but if i worked in like a nursing station or something lol~but even then I could die

3. Do you sleep with the TV on?: sometimes...sleep timer rules

4. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton?: prolly but i usually don't

5. Have you ever won a spelling bee?: in my classes 4th and 5th grade year~yea...but I never won Spelling Bee Competitions...I went to one tho...

6. Do you like somebody right now?: i think it's safe to say yes

7. Are you a fast typer?: yea

8. Are you afraid of the dark?: not as much as I used to when I was like...5

10. Who can you always turn to?: uh...i dunno...honestly, it depends on the situation...though I'm sure LJ would like me to say him...

11. When's the last time you chose a bath over a shower?: who the fuck knows...

12. Do you knock on wood?: rarely.

13. Are you drinking anything right now?: water

14. Do you think you're attractive?: sometimes

17. What do you want for Christmas?: uh it just passed so i'm not thinking about it

18. Do you know the muffin man?: the one who lives on Drury Lane...nope don't know him

19. Do you talk in your sleep?: no, but apparently i sometimes make strange noises and i sometimes snore if not all the time...i dunno these things, it's what i'm told

20. Who wrote the book of love?: i dunno...FREUD! hahaha JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!!!!

21. Have you ever flown a kite?: in middle school

22. When was the last time that you went swimming and where?: i don't swim...i can't swim...

23. Do you consider yourself successful?: not yet...lol

24. How many numbers do you have stored in your cell phone?: over 100

25. Have you ever asked for a horse?: no, i asked to ride horses tho

26. Plans for tomorrow?: exam and work and drinking mayhaps? (gotta celebrate lover Tyler's 21st)

27. What's your middle name? and why?: some things shall remain nameless...

28. Missing someone right now?: not really...maybe Mike...maybe Lillie...oh oh oh! KATY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29. When's the last time you told someone you loved them?: Raincy...then I said I would kill her. lol long story

30. What was the last sport you played?: does shootin pool count? lol

31. How are you feeling today?: stressed the fuck out...(way too early in the semester for this shit!)

32. Are you black?: no...i miss those days when my mom used to tell me that lol (cuz i used to tan so effing dark)...or my roommate last year...she told me that too lol

33. Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?: in-school suspension once...and never again but my parents never knew :D

34. What are you looking forward to?: Conference in VA with NSP peeps

35. Have you ever crawled through a window?: uh no...wait a car window...yes...lol

37. Have you ever eaten dog food?: no, but my sister tricked me into eating a big Milkbone before...yes the dog cookie

38. Can you handle the truth?: most of the time

39. Do you like green eggs and ham?: maybe? never had it

40. What 3 things you always bring with you to places?: phone, keys, lipbalm

41. Any cool scars?: no...

42. Do you like or have a crush on anyone?: i think it's safe to say yes...whoa deja vu

43. Who was the last person you kissed?: I gave LJ a peck on the lips as I left

44. What do you do when no one is watching?: sing and dance like a fool who thinks she can

45. How often do you talk on the phone?: whenever i need to

46. Do you talk to yourself?: sometimes

47. Is there something you want that you can't have?: yes

48. Three physical things about the opposite sex that you first notice?: eyes, smile, hands

49. Who are you thinking about right now?: Katy...cuz I just mentioned her before

50. Who did you last hug?: LJ...sort of, i just nestled into him actually...so I guess Tex was the last person I really hugged today

52. Where is your phone?: on my bed

53. What was the last thing you ate?: left over Lunar New Year food from home...mmm Korean food

54. Favorite Color?: blue

55. Last movie you watched?: A Knight's Tale...it's actually playing on my DVD player now...

56. What song do you currently hear?: none...movie is on

57. What do you want?: to rid my ridiculous belly fat and thunda thighs...and to fucking graduate and get the fuck out...oh and go to Australia to runaway...or study...or both

59. What t.v. show are you watching?: not...i told you i was watching a movie...

60. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?: LJ...I called him over to have dinner with me
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