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I'm still shivering...that can't really be good~haha oh well - ...::I.Dream.So.That.I.May.Survive::...

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Time: 01-27-2007 16:25
I say: I'm still shivering...that can't really be good~haha oh well
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SO I just came back from doing the Polar Bear Plunge. At least it was warmer than yesterday. But still good lord...a slight increase in temperature in the air does NOTHING for the temperature of the water. I got to the hotel on Kent Island at like 11pm or so? (after like 10 attempts to find Holiday Inn Express unsuccessfully to the point that Gerst had to come and find me and take me to it lol) There was mild partying, then we all went to bed because we were getting up at fucking 5:30am...ridiculous, right? So we have a quick "breakfast" and head down to Sandy Point State Park. It's coooold...we finally get into the park at like 8am and we park and start setting up our tailgating section. We eat some burgers and dogs, most everyone drank beer (except me of course...) and everyone was "warming up" for their plunge into cold waters at 2pm. Everyone was sufficiently intoxicated (except me) and we all head down to the bay. There were SOOOOOOOOO many people. A girl in our group, her name was Ashley and she and I were wearing the same thing, bikini top & bottom and shorts and clothes over top of it...we drop all our clothes and get down to our bikini tops and shorts and jump into the water together. LJ and most of the brothers dove right in, soaked from head to toe. Ashley and I stopped once the water was attacking our chest, and I say attacking because that's what it felt like cuz the water was so cold. Got out of the water and couldn't feel anything from my waste down, my nips were so hard it hurt! Like 5 minutes of being out of the water, someone says "LETS GO AGAIN!" So, like an idiot, we all follow, and Ashley and I once again hold hands and jump right in after the guys. It was nuts. We get back to our tailgating section, dry up, warm up and pack up to leave. Now I'm here and I'm tired...I fell asleep driving like 3 times...it was kinda scary. I need a shower because I'm sure I stink of Bay water.

So chillin and bars tonight...tomorrow I shall rest up and get ready for school...and once again, Ashley has NO school supplies ready for the 1st day of school. Haha. Excellent. But tomorrow DP may also happen...pending my lover gets off from work in time...we shall see.

My head hurts now from all the shock I think...lol. Or maybe I'm just making it up...either way...I hope I don't catch a cold from all this nonsense.

p.s. i'm so glad that i put in my maintainence request a couple days ago...and they have yet to fix my bathroom light and our fridge...I can only tolerate a leaking fridge and showering in the dark for so long...lol
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