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Time: 02-18-2009 17:34
I say: Sick in bed...err...couch
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Since I have nothing better to do than to sit and veg on the couch or in bed while my body is consumed with illness, I figured why not get on livejournal and waste some time with a brief update. I realize I don't normally update on here. I pretty much decided that between Facebook, Myspace and Livejournal, Facebook trumps all. Sad story eh but who cares, anyone who sees this still can see my facebook so no loss really. Think of this entry as a bonus for getting to be a part of my life. Or not...

Either way, I'm still kind of jobless. Still working 2 jobs and working usually between 30-50 hours a week with no real overtime pay since the hours are split between two jobs. Does that make me bitter? Yes. Does it show when I'm at work...yes. I do want to quit that damn bookstore, but honestly, I don't know if I can really make it without it. Plus I enjoy getting a paycheck every week. The pay periods are a week off so it works out that I get one paycheck per week. I believe this week I get a paycheck from Sephora...which should hopefully be a nice one since it's supposed to include our last month's bonus. Holla. I'm bitter that no one will hire me and I'm starting to feel hopeless and worthless. So far the jobs that I tried to get to turns out that suddenly they want someone with more experience. It's fucking ENTRY LEVEL...just hire me damn it. And how do you expect someone to get experience if you don't give them the chance to get the experience. WTF. Whatever...it's a mean cycle and I don't like all this rejection. The more I suffer through these two jobs, the more bitter I get with my life and the more upset I feel....I guess to look on the bright side...I'm not living at home with my parents in Damacus.

Oh and I decided that I needed a new computer so I bought myself one...from Best Buy...using the Best Buy card so that I have 0% APR for 18 months. I can pay this off by then. I was originally going to use my new credit card through Suntrust but their 0% APR was only for 6 months, so clearly Best Buy was a better option, credit card wise... Anyway, I like it. I got myself  an HP notebook. Pretty lil 17'' inch screen. Weighs about 7lbs. Pretty decent. It's shiny and new and it makes me happy. My old desktop was suffering. Poor girl has been through alot in the 6 years she's been with me. I'm surprised it's not completely dead yet....she does run REALLY slow though.

Oh and I finally left Chevy Chase as my bank. They took more money from me than I could ever have and it made me sad. So I left them and got free checking with Suntrust. No minimum is my friend. My old minimum with Chevy Chase was $1000 and I couldn't afford that...so I had to leave after hundreds of charges being made because I was under $1000. But I'm pretty happy with Suntrust, plus it's really close to the house. And I have the credit card which is ONLY for emergency purchases. So far I haven't had the need to use it. I don't want to just spend it all willy nilly. I still have a conscious...Regardless of my $800 computer purchase...I feel as if that was actually necessary so I am okay with it.

I still have loans to pay off, and some purchases I made at Shaw's Jewelers to pay off, but other than that I should be squared away. I still have enough money for rent and bills. Slowly but surely, I am paying off that damn loan, but damn does that credit accrue fast...And I did splurge a little at Shaw's Jewelers but I felt the need to reward myself for many reasons. It's being dealt with,

I can't believe February is almost over. Valentine's Day was pretty good. LJ was sick most of the week and he was still sick for Valentine's Day but he still got up to take me out. We did a triple date at a Sushi place with Brandon/Jillian and Dave/Rachael. It was really yummy. I got flowers in a heart vase (yes I was more excited about the heart vase), and I got LJ to watch Confessions of  a Shopaholic with me. It brought out the inner shopaholic in LJ...it was always there. No, watching that movie with me didn't make him queer. I have another gift on the way he said. He decided to tell me what it was, and he said he ordered me a lavalier with his Lambda Chi Alpha letters. Cute idea, despite the fact that we're both alums...lol. Oh well...I like the idea.

I really really want this Tylenol PM to kick in. I took it over an hour ago. My body isn't responding to nighttime medicines and it's very upsetting. Nyquil did nothing. I took some Tylenol 3's that I had left over. Nothing. So LJ brought me some Tylenol PMs (rapid release kind). I only took one though...so if I don't get sleepy in another hour, I'm gonna pop another.

I hate being sick. I think I have a tumor behind my right eye and temple. LOL. It just hurts a lot and so much tension in my neck to my skull and my body aches.

Oh well, I'm gonna try to eat something before I feel naseous.
Hope you enjoyed my update.
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Time: 12-04-2008 15:27
I say: 5 years since...
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Time: 06-10-2008 13:57
I say: Didn't see that one coming...
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Where:My apartment
So I wake up today, write a written note to the Leasing Office asking to extend my lease for one more month (Thats another story that I don't care to get into because it angers me). I drop it off, go to work and start my usual checking of e-mail and master catalogs for Bookholders. So I went to search for a book in my problem pile. Now the warehouse of Bookholders has now 15 bookcases (14 rows each). Books are still scattered in piles from the semester rush (though it is MUCH smaller than it was 3 weeks ago)...and pieces of 2x4s and plywood are surrounding my problem pile and the shipping station. This is not unusual. Now usually, when building shelves, they keep the pieces of 2x4 with the galvanized screws already in them against the far wall so that it's not in the way and to reduce chances of injury. Well they must have missed one because on my way to the problem pile, I stepped on what I thought were plain 2x4s and my left foot goes down and then my right and something didn't feel right with my right foot. So by reaction to pain, I pulled my right foot up. But it was too late...jeez 15 minutes into work and I think I have to go home...The screw had gone clear through my Old Navy flip flops and went into my foot. The nail was still in the wood, but it had some piece of my flesh and blood. panicked and a little embarrassed, I limped to the bathroom, pulled my foot out of the flip flop and into the sink and began to wash it off with soap and water. I looked down at my flip flop and there was a puddle...of blood. You'd think it would make me nauseas but I was more in pain to even care. So I washed off my flip flop which was gross because there were chunks of me just coming off (I'm sorry if this has become to graphic for you readers). I compose myself and tell myself not to cry even though it hurt and went to my boss. And this is how it went:

Taming of the Screw...okay I didn't tame it since it OWNED me..Collapse )
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Time: 11-03-2007 3:35
I say: it works, i guess
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What emo/rock song are you?
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Cute without the 'E' - Taking Back Sunday


Feeling This - Blink 182


You're So Last Summer - Taking Back Sunday


Work - Jimmy Eat World


Buried a Lie - Senses Fail


Helena - My Chemical Romance


Too Far Gone - All American Rejects


Home - Three Days Grace


Save Me - Unwritten Law


The Middle - Jimmy Eat World


Minority - Green Day


You know what they do to guys like us in prison - My Chemical Romance


Burnout - Green Day

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Time: 04-02-2007 0:21
I say: oh wow, I haven't updated in so long
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a month's updateCollapse )
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Time: 03-08-2007 19:33
I say: i should be doing work!
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Where:my apt
So uh, let's see...an update. Oh mom's crazy as usual and we had yet another blow out. Wonderfee. Um I overdrew my bank account,...again. I don't know whether to go to a Conference for my job and be roomed with people I hate for a whole weekend, or spend a weekend with people I enjoy the company of and play with the cutest 3 year old I know. It really is a hard decision...I swear to you. After tomorrow...a weight should be lifted off my shoulders. I have 3 article reviews to finish by tonight, 3 online quizzes (that I have to get and 80% or higher on to get the credit), and study for an exam that I have at 10am. I told myself, I would not eat dinner until I at least finish the article reviews...Then I'll eat, then I'll read the chapters and do the online quizzes which SHOULD help me prepare for my exam (pending I get a good number of them correct) HA...great. But before I start all that workin...I'll do a survey...lol I saw it on Hope's and thought, hey why not!

Longest Survey EVER...seriously...Collapse )
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Time: 03-02-2007 17:03
I say: WTF MATE?!...rantings
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Listen To:Buddha's Delight - Haley Bennett
Okay so it's a bad start to the semester when I can't remember ANYTHING I'm supposed to do until it's almost too late. It's not like I don't write it down...I do, so technically I should be okay. But for some reason I still fall behind. Oh well...I went thru crapola the past 2 weeks. But the surprise test (surprise to me) I took last week...I ended up with a 86/90 so that's cool. But I had to run around 30min before class to purchase a standard cassette tape recorder, tapes, and batteries...had an awkward ass class...and work was such a drag. I forgot to sign up for OTL duties on time so I got the shitty spots.

But here's the kicker. I had a group presentation today in my Sexuality class on HPV Vaccine. My part of the project was to make a handout to give to the class. Of course I forget that I need to get it done and make like 35 copies of it by 3:30pm on Friday (today). Yesterday I had the most full day ever...I literally was nonstop moving/working from 9am. I came back from work and ran errands, and got to work on the outline. It turned out to be 4 pages including a crossword puzzle. I forgot Copies + on campus is closed on Fridays...so luckily Raincy was nice enough to tell me she'd let me into the place and copy it...FOR FREE...I love that girl so much. So I didn't finish it all til like 2:30am because the crossword was giving me so much trouble in the beginning (stupid online generators and their glitches)...I slept very little and woke up early to pick up raincy and take her to Copies + and the bought her breakfast and then drove her to work. I come back and nap cuz I was soooo tired and then I get woken up by the maintainence man who finally fixed my fucking bathroom light...took almost 2 hours. Fuckers will know better when I tell the FIRST time (when I moved in) that something is wrong with the wiring and not wait til like the 100th time I complain and by that time the lights no longer work. But now I have light in my bathroom and I can shower with lights on! Huzzah. So I showered....and then got ready for class and packed a little bit. Realized I was running late and ran to the health center to pick up additional information to give out on HPV and then went to the store to buy a report cover thing to bind all our papers together...I was like 5-10 minutes late to class...I run up to the door...and it's closed and there's a cancellation notice. Normally I'd be overjoyed...but given the shit I put myself thru...I WAS PISSED.

So I came back...called LJ to tell him class was cancelled and now I just have more time to pack up for the weekend. Back to MoCo, but not to my house...lol. Who knew that LJ's aunt lives 20 minutes from my house...weird. Gotta find something pretty to wrap Melissa's gift in...and Ebbie's. I love his family almost as much as I love mine. LoL. Sad I know...but you know me...I just love people. Haha.

Oh well...time to go. I'm annoyed but it's the weekend...2 hours earlier than expected. :D
IT'S FRIDAY...I'M IN LOVE...lol...my icon...not literally. lol
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Time: 02-22-2007 1:25
I say: minutes from bed
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Listen To:A Knight's Tale is on my TV
eh i was perrusing on livejournal and saw a survey...you know me, i can't pass up a survey...so even though it's missed some questions (cuz clearly someone along the way deleted them) i did it anyway...

stoley stoley from laura!Collapse )
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Time: 01-27-2007 16:25
I say: I'm still shivering...that can't really be good~haha oh well
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Where:my apartment, yay!
Listen To:Bolero - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
SO I just came back from doing the Polar Bear Plunge. At least it was warmer than yesterday. But still good lord...a slight increase in temperature in the air does NOTHING for the temperature of the water. I got to the hotel on Kent Island at like 11pm or so? (after like 10 attempts to find Holiday Inn Express unsuccessfully to the point that Gerst had to come and find me and take me to it lol) There was mild partying, then we all went to bed because we were getting up at fucking 5:30am...ridiculous, right? So we have a quick "breakfast" and head down to Sandy Point State Park. It's coooold...we finally get into the park at like 8am and we park and start setting up our tailgating section. We eat some burgers and dogs, most everyone drank beer (except me of course...) and everyone was "warming up" for their plunge into cold waters at 2pm. Everyone was sufficiently intoxicated (except me) and we all head down to the bay. There were SOOOOOOOOO many people. A girl in our group, her name was Ashley and she and I were wearing the same thing, bikini top & bottom and shorts and clothes over top of it...we drop all our clothes and get down to our bikini tops and shorts and jump into the water together. LJ and most of the brothers dove right in, soaked from head to toe. Ashley and I stopped once the water was attacking our chest, and I say attacking because that's what it felt like cuz the water was so cold. Got out of the water and couldn't feel anything from my waste down, my nips were so hard it hurt! Like 5 minutes of being out of the water, someone says "LETS GO AGAIN!" So, like an idiot, we all follow, and Ashley and I once again hold hands and jump right in after the guys. It was nuts. We get back to our tailgating section, dry up, warm up and pack up to leave. Now I'm here and I'm tired...I fell asleep driving like 3 times...it was kinda scary. I need a shower because I'm sure I stink of Bay water.

So chillin and bars tonight...tomorrow I shall rest up and get ready for school...and once again, Ashley has NO school supplies ready for the 1st day of school. Haha. Excellent. But tomorrow DP may also happen...pending my lover gets off from work in time...we shall see.

My head hurts now from all the shock I think...lol. Or maybe I'm just making it up...either way...I hope I don't catch a cold from all this nonsense.

p.s. i'm so glad that i put in my maintainence request a couple days ago...and they have yet to fix my bathroom light and our fridge...I can only tolerate a leaking fridge and showering in the dark for so long...lol
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Time: 01-19-2007 17:25
I say: freak accident
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Listen To:The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
what 21 year old falls asleep at 9pm?!
oh yea...ME.
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